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Spending time enjoying the lakes with your boat means that at some point you’re going to need to gas up. Boat owners all understand the need for keeping gas in the tank. Like with our cars, a boat without fuel isn’t much fun, and no one wants to become stranded out on the lake simply for not having enough gas! Action Marine's mobile BOAT FUELING services are available for boaters in and around the Kelowna area. Refuel without having to take your boat from the water or carry around hard to manage containers to visit a gas station. Simply contact us to fuel up while still in the water, allowing you to continue to enjoy your day.

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    Mobile Marine Gas Station Services

    Mobile marine gas available in the Okanagan Valley
    Although many boaters simply fill their tanks on the way to the water, many boats have a permanent dock slip and are not frequently removed. Or you've spent a big day on the water that has used up most of the fuel you had on board. Normally to refill you can either find a gas station on the lake or use portable gas cans. This is where Action Marine has you covered. Our mobile marine gas service is available as the better alternative. Simply call and we come to where your boat is.

    Our fuel service has safety and the environment in mind. We have all safety and spill prevention standards in place. We continually check and monitor our hoses and equipment to prevent spills or other possible hazards, such as fires. Our experienced team can handle the hassle of filling your boat's tank so you don’t have to.

    Safe Fueling Tips

    When refueling a boat, there are some basic safety rules every boat owner should follow:

    1. Like with your car, make sure your boat is off and turn off anything that may cause a spark, including your cell phone.
    2. Prior to pumping, check to make sure fuel lines look good.
    3. All passengers should get off the boat while refueling. Refueling is a great time to take a break, reload on water or needed drink items, or grab a bite to eat.
    4. No smoking for obvious reasons.
    5. Take this time to check the boat and note any maintenance issues.
    6. No topping off. Leave 5-10% of the gas tank unfilled to allow for fluid expansion caused by temperature fluctuations.
    7. Fill any fuel cans or portable tanks onshore to prevent spills in the water and fume buildup on your boat.
    8. For larger boats, make sure there is no fume buildup inside your boat’s closed areas before turning it back on.

    The Boating Professionals at Action Marine 

    Should you have any questions or concerns about the mobile marine services at Action Marine, simply contact us. A member of our team is always available to assist you. Our mobile marine gas services are available to all boaters in the Kelowna BC area. Be sure to inquire about other services we offer, such as boat transport, marine detailing, and boat maintenance services. Our Action Marine team loves boating and being out on the water! Fuel up with us, go out, and enjoy your day!
    The team at action marine enjoying the Okanagan lakes

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