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At Action Marine, our job is to make sure your primary job as the boat owner is not to spend hours servicing your boat, but to spend that time out on the water, enjoying it! A well-maintained boat can last decades and look fantastic!

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    Boat Maintenance Basics

    Marine engine tune up
    Boat maintenance is not always a simple task. Because of the different systems on a boat they need a variety of maintenance. From hull cleaning, electrical repairs, plumbing, moving parts, upholstery and motor work. All the parts of your boat need to be taken care of to keep your pride and joy working and looking its best.

    When it comes to large jobs such as this, boat care becomes a bit more technical. Action Marine is here to help! Not only do we offer typical services such as boat detailing and boat fueling, but we are also experts in all of the marine systems of your boat. Our services maintain these parts and help keep the integrity of your boat to add to it’s longevity.

    What is a Marine Tune Up?

    Tuning up your boat's engine is important to avoiding break downs and costly repairs. Because of the demands and exposure to water, boat motors need regular tune ups during a season. A good marine tune up includes: oil change, replacing the fuel filter and spark plugs as well as lubrication of all moving parts. Regular motor tune ups reduce running costs and prevent breakdowns when out on the water. Action Marine's boat maintenance service does the tough work for you. Time on your boat is best spent having fun not making repairs. Call us today for a quote.
    Boat engine checks are important evry season

    What is Bottom Sealing?

    Bottom sealing is the process by which a boat owner or marine maintenance provider applies a sealant to the bottom of a boat to prevent leaks. The sealant used will make sure rivets and plank seams don’t become leaky, and the barrier is maintained between the water and the inside of a boat. Bottom sealing can also prevent blisters from appearing on the underside of your boat. If a blister is found to be already formed, having a professional sand and re-seal the area is vital to the boat’s overall durability within the water. Action Marine provides bottom sealing marine maintenance services. We have all tools necessary to do the job correctly and know how to address the specific needs of your type of boat!
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    What is Anti-Fouling?

    Action Marine also provides Anti-fouling services for boats. A necessity for both freshwater and saltwater boats antifouling protects the hull of a boat from acquiring organic buildup. By applying a specialized paint infused with copper and biocides, marine life is deterred from adhering to the hull. Anti-fouling service requirements vary based on a myriad of factors. Boats that are kept on the water may require antifouling every year, while boats that are taken out of the water may only need it once every two years. Hull material and water type also make a difference in the type of antifouling required.

    Antifouling is a very messy job! Most boat owners choose not to complete this job on their own as the boat must be lifted. The boat’s hull must be thoroughly cleaned of any existing organisms. It must be treated, dried, and potentially may need an additional anti-fouling treatment depending on how long it has been. Essentially, its a lot of intensive labor when done correctly.
    Along with our boat hauling, Action Marine has provided the antifouling boat maintenance for years. We use all PPE required and all of the right paints needed for your boat type. Let us strip and treat the underside of your hull, so you don’t have to!

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