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Enjoy exploring new lakes without the trouble of having to move your boat. Our insured boat transport service does the chore of boat moving for you. Action Marine provides a safe and reliable service. Leaving you to discover more Okanagan waters, free of stress.

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    What You Should Know About Boat Transport

    Boat hauling is not always a simple task and is honestly not something to be taken lightly. The smaller the boat, the easier it is to haul; however, when considering a boat transport on your own, there are a few things you must have in place. The towing vehicle should be approved to tow the amount of weight you plan to haul, and it should have the proper hardware such as a ball and hitch, safety chains, and safety lights. When in the process of boat transport, it is essential to realize your boat’s width and the amount of space it takes up on the road. Remember, if anything has been hooked up incorrectly, you risk your boat’s safety and the lives of people around your vehicle during transport. For these reasons, it may be better and safer to hire the services of a professional boat hauling service provider such as Action Marine.

    Action Marine provides boat transport services to relieve owners of the responsibility of hauling a boat. Our professional drivers have all of the tools necessary and are highly trained to transport your boat from one location to another safely! You can count on Action Marine to be punctual, efficient, and get your boat to its destination so you can have all of the fun without any of the hassle or stress.
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    Boat Hauling & Launching

    Trust the experts with Action Marine. Our team of experienced professionals are well skilled in the task of boat launching. As part of our boat hauling service that we provide for many customers, you boat is in good hands with us. One of the most common times for a boat to get damaged is in the process of launching and retrieving. If done incorrectly, boats can fall off trailers and not be on the trailer properly, making it difficult to pull away from the ramp, receive scratches, and may even require costly marine repairs to patch holes. Inexperienced boaters may not have the trailer in the water far enough or may be in too far. For proper launching and retrieval, you should submerge two-thirds of the trailer’s rollers into the launching area. You should also attempt to keep your vehicle’s tires out of the water as much as possible. If uncomfortable with the process, Action Marine can help!
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    Why Hire The Professionals at Action Marine 

    Not having the proper setup, tools, or know-how to safely and efficiently transport a boat can be disastrous. The last thing on any boat owner’s mind before a day of fun on the water should be the stress of getting the boat to the launch. Action Marine’s BOAT HAULING services are available in and around Kelowna BC. Let us help your day be great from start to finish, call us for a quote today!
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