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With Action Marine you spend less time worrying about damage to your boat from the elements. Instead you can spend more time enjoying the water, with our turnkey mobile detailing service. Extended exposure to the sun and water can take a toll on your boats hull and interior. Cleaning and detailing from Action Marine keeps your boat looking new!

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    Boat Care & Detailing

    Polishing a fiberglass boat hull
    Properly taking care of a boat requires the boat to be maintained and washed frequently. Not only does frequent washing help the boat to maintain its like-new appearance and shine, but it also prevents damage to the boat’s paint, windows, and, essentially, all surfaces. The recommendations for the frequency of a full boat detailing varies depending on how often the boat is being used, whether it is being launched into salt or freshwater, and what activities are happening when it is in use.

    The Importance of Marine Detailing

    Action Marine can assist you in the care and detailing services your boat needs. It is important to understand that if the boat is stored in the water and exposed to rain, regular washings are suggested every 3-4 weeks. The rain will typically help to keep insect and bird droppings off of your boat and give owners an extra week or so in-between washings. If you are storing your boat outside of the water and indoors, good boat maintenance for your boat means giving it a thorough washing at least once every 2-3 weeks. We recommend the increased cleaning frequency to reduce the chances of staining caused by spider and insect droppings.
    Action Marine can help keep your boat in tip-top shape. Boat detailing is more than simply washing the outside of the boat. Marine detailing services clean the boat inside and out, keeping your vessel ready for the water day after day. Detailing services are often needed after a day of fishing or group get-togethers on the boat. Leaving fish residue from caught fish and bait on the boat is not only unappealing, but it can also ruin the paint of the boat and cause staining. Waxing is also recommended every 3-4 months to give your boat protection from the elements and staining. Action Marine does it all! You can count on us to take care of the boat detailing details so you can focus on other important tasks for the day. A typical thorough boat detailing can take anywhere between 2-4 hours and includes washing the boat’s exterior, cleaning and washing all interior surfaces of the boat, waxing (if needed and requested), and windows.
    Anti-fouling a boat prop

    Action Marine Mobile Detailing Services

    More than just Boat Movers, Action Marine is Kelowna BC’s top mobile service provider for boat owners needing marine detailing services. Please be advised that, although the waters surrounding Kelowna are primarily freshwater, our team also provides services for saltwater exposure. It is strongly recommended to have a boat washed thoroughly after taking it out of any saltwater body of water, not simply rinsed. Salt can be corrosive to a boat, and the sooner Action Marine can detail the boat, the better it will be for the longevity of the boat’s clean appearance.
    Cleaning a boat control stand Kelowna BC

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